Bamboo Rayon Clothes

What are the benefits for your baby?

Bamboo fiber : one of the safest choices for your baby.

Bamboo fiber is created by running bamboo stalks through various mechanical processes. The yarn obtained from this process is then used as bamboo fiber which is used to create various garments. There are two types of textiles made from bamboo, the first is called bamboo linen and the second is called rayon, or bamboo viscose.

Soft fiber

Bamboo fiber is exceptionally soft, making it the ideal material to use on a newborn's delicate skin. Babies have very sensitive skin, so bamboo fiber will cover your baby without causing irritation or rashes.

Breathable fabric

Bamboo fiber is more breathable than cotton, hemp and other comparable textiles. Due to its fine thread construction, bamboo fabric is inherently breathable. Your baby's temperature stays moderate, whether it's hot or cold, thanks to its special design, which allows air to flow freely through it. Bamboo fiber baby clothes keep your child cool in summer and warm in winter.

Natural sun protection

Bamboo fiber has the remarkable ability to block harmful UV rays. No other fabric used for clothing has this highly beneficial quality. According to research, bamboo fiber can protect your child from UV rays. UV rays are aggressive and harmful to all skin types, but they can be especially dangerous to young and delicate skin. Despite the benefits of bamboo fiber, it is still recommended to use sunscreen to protect your child from UV rays.

Stretch fabric

The bamboo fiber fabric, in addition to being soft, is quite stretchy. It is excellent for reducing any potential friction that can lead to skin problems such as rashes. Your baby will be able to play and grow comfortably in bamboo fiber clothing.

Long-lasting fabric

As long as you take care of the bamboo fiber clothes, they will last for many years and can be used for the next newborn. Your clothes will retain all their wonderful natural qualities when washed in cold water and dried naturally in the sun. In addition, your clothes will remain strong and durable.

Hypoallergenic nature

Bamboo fiber naturally has anti-allergic properties. Because bamboo fibers are naturally smooth, they won't scratch or irritate your baby's skin, reducing the risk of rashes. The breathability of bamboo fiber helps relieve the skin of excess heat and moisture.

Respect of nature

Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant that uses fewer natural resources, contains no harmful chemicals, and when harvested, improves the soil by encouraging new growth, unlike cotton which requires a tremendous amount of water, farmland, and pesticides. Although imperfect, bamboo textiles (linen or rayon) certainly have less impact on the environment than petroleum-based cotton and polyester textiles.